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My heart sings for Cristiano Ronaldo [Jun. 22nd, 2012|02:54 am]
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I haven't written anything in nearly a year. Things have happened that I've wanted to write about, but I've never taken the time. But tonight, I have to write something. Because we're about half-way through Euro 2012 and my boys, my wonderful boys, is in the semifinals.
Portugal is in the semifinals and we can all thank one man; Cristiano Ronaldo. He's just... I can't evene begin to describe it. He's the best he's ever been right now and it's like he's unstoppable. He carries the hopes and dreams of a whole country and fans all over the world on his shoulder, he carried the team and I'm so, so proud and happy for him.

But I have to say this; to the people who believes that the kiss he blew the cameras after his goal against the Czech Republic was for Messi? You're out of your minds. Messi was the last thing on his mind last night, believe me. That kiss was for his son, his family, his fans, his fucking country but it was not for Messi. I really don't think Cristiano Ronaldo thinks about Messi as much as his haters thinks and wishes he did.
Because you know what? Cristiano Ronaldo knows he's one of the best players in the world, that he's the best player for a lot of people and he's not that fucking insecure. So let him have his moments, let him enjoy this Championship were things are finally going his way without dragging Messi into this. And if you can't? You're really, really sad and pathetic.