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Have I told you I love you lately, Cristiano Ronaldo? [Apr. 9th, 2013|11:20 pm]
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Quarter-finals in Champions League, Real Madrid vs Galatasaray. Real Madrid was in an excellent because they had a 3-0 win with them from last week. And then this happened:

Seven minutes in; Cristiano Ronaldo scores 1-0. (Me: Yaaaay! Smooth sailing from here on, we got this, etc!)
Fifty-seven minutes in; Emmanuel Eboue scores 1-1 (Me: What? But... No! Okay, let's not panic. It's fine, we're fine!)
Seventy-one minutes in; Wesley Sneijder scores 1-2 (Me: Eh, guys?)
Seventy-two minutes in; Didier Drogba scores 1-3 (Me: Guys! Cris, do something!)
Ninety minutes in; Red card to Alvaro Arbeloa, from Real Madrid (Me: *hyperventilates and begs Cristiano Ronaldo for a miracle*)
Ninety-two minutes in; Cristiano Ronaldo scores 2-3 (Me: You are an actual God.)

Seriously, sometimes I think Cristiano's inner monologue is something like this: Yes, I scored! That should shut my critics up for twenty seconds and help the team. Okay, let's do this guys! Guys? Guys! Some help, here? Hello? Oh, for fuck's sake... *does everything himself and saves the match again*

I mean, I'm happy we have Cristiano Ronaldo, because that means it's not over until it's over, but if we want to reach the final this year, we can't let in three goals in under twenty minutes and hope Cristiano Ronaldo saves the day in the end. Let's do this as a team, okay?