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Thirty years... [Feb. 28th, 2016|10:55 pm]
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It's been thirty years - to the day - since someone murdered Olof Palme, our prime minister.
Someone murdered our prime minster and got away with it. Even if the murderer really was Christer Pettersson (I doubt it), he got away with it since he was acquitted.
I want justice for Olof Palme and his family. I want someone to do time for the murder of our prime minister, and not the truly pathetic amount of time Pettersson did. But I don't think that'll happen. I don't think Olof Palme will ever truly get justice; too much time has passed and the investigation were too badly handled at the beginning.

So I'll just say this: Rest in peace, Olof Palme. And I'm still kind of glad that you didn't have to see what happened to this world.
It didn't get any better.